Wood of birch

Mother Nature has given us a birch tree… Also there is no better tree, which serves so to the person and which gives itself to him to the last drop…
From all trees species known to us, birch - the most ubiquitous tree. It’s indeed always the first captures any available piece of land.
Sometimes it grows in places that would seem quite for plants. And all to the person to give to drink its unique juice and to warm in ice cold day.
Firewood from birch is considered “hottest”, they belong to firm species of wood, therefore possess the best thermal qualities, and containing in them elm, allows without effort them to kindle.

Due to the large quantity of silver contained in the bark of birch tree, birch firewood fills room the pleasant soft aroma, thus disinfecting it.
Firewood perfectly approaches for kitchen fire, chamber of fireplace and furnaces.
Flame of firewood from birch high and equal, perfectly approaches for heating of stones, and it is conclusive plus for application in a sauna.