Wood of aspen

Many referred an aspen to “unhappy” also connect with world of evil spirit. In fact, aspen- the best way fight against evil spirit, bright to that proof “the aspen stake”. It is considered that the aspen drives away evil ghosts no wonder our ancestors planted it near their houses. Aspen, in contact with the human body, clears its aura of the harmful influence. An Aspen Grove-the best place where it’s possible to take refuge from magic persecutions, probably, even by means of an aspen to get rid of prosecution the power vampire to come extent alleviate consequences  the induced damage or male fire. In comparison with birch, firewood from an aspen is kindled more difficulty, but by quantity allocated heat concede birch not much more. Coals from the aspen give equal and long heat. Experts believe that firewood from an aspen should be periodically used for stoves and fireplaces and they when burning “dilute” deposit and also clean the chimney soot.