Wood of alder

Since ancient times an alder considered as a sacred tree. It had a huge number of useful properties, most important of which was medical. This plant can reduce tissues of a human body quickly. As early as a nineteenth century, this plant is firewood of alderwidely used as a means to stop the blood and blood purification.
As by an alder determined future crop. Carried out so - called alder shows: a lot of earnings- to the crop of oats, a lot of cones- by a barley crop. Often from an alder cut down a well frame, as the trunk of its putridity doesn’t give in.
Alder firewood called “royal” wood because it was accepted them to kindle royal chambers as firewood well burn, don’t smoke and emit when burning a magical flavor.
Firewood perfectly resemble for the barbecue, and also for a smoked fish and meat. Well, sauna, kindled on firewood from alder possesses anti-cold properties, gives cheerfulness and energy to an organism.