Wood from oak

The mighty oak- the oldest companion of the person and the unique tree embodying power, strength and force. Since ancient times the oak was considered live, it was very clever and had salutary abilities. If a person has a sore back, it is good at the first spring thunder to lean to an oak trunk. Most often the mighty oak which lived several centuries, called “the king of the firewood”. And always people treated to it with gratitude.

And today, firewood from an oak is considered as “elite”. They have a high calorific value, burn long, hot and smokeless, firewood radiate not only heat, but also fresh aroma, as at combustion from them essential oils are allocated.
Many also speak about salutary properties of this flavor: they build health, relieve of illnesses that become the best choice of such firewood for a sauna. Also firewood perfectly is suitable for a fireplace, well, and the food prepared on such fireplace, undoubtedly, will appetizingly look and is wonderful on taste.